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    Taishan University

    Industry: Education


    Place:525 Dongyue Street, Daiyue District, Tai'an City

    Size:5000 or more

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    Enterprise name Taishan University
    Registration time 1958-09-17
    Registered address 525 Dongyue Street, Daiyue District, Tai'an City
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    Taishan University (TSU) is located at the foot of the world  famous Taishan which enjoys the reputation of World Natural and Cultural Heritage. TSU  is a full-time comprehensive undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry  of Education of China in 2002. It has a long history  of more than 50 years' higher education from 1958.

    Comprising two campuses: Main Campus and South Campus, TSU  covers an area of 918, 666 square meters with a floor space of 470 thousand  square meters including high standard teaching buildings, laboratories,  libraries, a gymnasium and a student center. TSU enjoys a teaching and  administrative staff of 1250 and its full-time student population totals up to  17.8 thousand.

    TSU currently has 17 schools and one College English Teaching  Department, 57 undergraduate degree programs and 34 professional training  programs in total. Courses are offered in 9 major academic fields: literature,  science, engineering, management, law, history, education, economics and art  studies, among which, the fields of literature, science, education and  management have been offered for several decades and have become influential in  ShandongProvince and further in China.

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